Frequently Asked Questions

Chinese version coming soon

Chinese version coming soon.

QAre Three Guineas Academy’s counselors and coaches Chinese or American?

AOur counselors are all Harvard alumni. All of our counselors and coaches are American, some of whom speak Mandarin Chinese. They are experienced in teaching and counseling and possess first-hand knowledge of the admissions application process for top American universities. Most importantly, we believe that using English throughout your application process will help you quickly improve your fluency, especially your English speaking ability. It is critical practice before you began your education in the U.S.

Chinese version coming soon.

Chinese version coming soon.

QHow will I communicate smoothly with the counselors in the U.S.? Can I just chat with them online?

AOur Individualized Admissions Counseling Service employs a range of technological tools to facilitate communication between students and counselors. These include video conferencing, internet phone calls, email, and online chat. Different tools are more suitable for various stages of the application process. At the beginning, we will arrange a video conference between the student and the counselor, so that you can build trust. When the counselor is helping you determine your strengths and brainstorming your essay ideas, video conferencing is most helpful in allowing an adaptive conversation. In the later stages of language editing, email exchanges are more effective. Chat programs are more suited for last-minute and casual talks. Three Guineas Academy provides everyone with a comprehensive set of communication and collaboration tools. Becoming fluent in email use will not only help you become more efficient, it is also a basic skill expected by American universities.

Chinese version coming soon.

Chinese version coming soon.

QDo you provide financial aid for students who can’t afford your services?

AYes, Three Guineas Academy values educational equity. Every year, we will provide financial aid to outstanding students with demonstrated financial need, based upon an application and selection process.

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